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Sunday, 24.05.2015

Sunday , 24.05.2015


Dear diary,

Altought it´s Sunday, I habe to work. The fitnesscenter doesn´t opened at sundays but there are important errands to do. At 13:00 pm I met a friend. We´re walked to the “cine citta” to showed the movie “Fast and Furious 7”

wich start at 14:00 pm. After the movie finished at 15:15 pm we´re paced at 15:30 pm to ate an ice by “Campo Eis”. I ordered a smurf-ice. My friend summoned cerry- and raffaelo-icecreme.

Then we went shopping into the city until 17:00 pm. I was home at 17:45 pm and showed “Bon Gusto” at TV. After this I laid me in bed.


7.5.15 11:05


Saturday, 23.05.2015

Saturday, 23.05.2015

I woke up and i'm happy because i go today to the band test. But i must go first to my Work at the Fitness centre. I work today until 04:00pm because i don't come to late to the Band test from my best Friend. And i don' will have a wrong impression to the Band Colleagues from my best Friend. Now i can go home from my Work. I'm on the Way to the Band-Room and my heart is really fast beating. At 11:00pm the Band-Test was over and all people go At Home.

7.5.15 11:04

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