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Monday: first week

My dear diary today I am bothered about the people in the bar behave well. Because they have beaten up and one has pulled the other one over. As I always say shit monday's.

 Tuesday: first week

Today was a strange day, because today I want swimming after work and there I saw a beautiful girl who have a son with the same way looked like the young of me for a longe time has annyed, on the home way.

Wenthday: first week

Today was karaoke night. I have seen against the woman by the pool, we have another the eyelide (as will as will rock you) sung. Most beautiful evening in my life.

Thuesday: first week

The girl from yesterday let sit me today because she already has a family. I can understand it because Iwoud say. And then I walked  into the spa area of a girlfriend was not far to feressen everything and relax. After all IWolte just go home and go to bed while I noticed that it's been almost eleven clock.

9.7.15 10:47


Monday 27th4.15

I drive next to my job in the afternoon to the Mc Donalds in the city . I bought me a Big Mac, a big portion chips and a Sprite. I sat me to a chair and put my food on the table. I ate my food and will go to my car. On the road was an offer there was on it: purcase three pants buy two. I go to the store and take me three pants. After that, I sat me in my little VW Polo and drove home. Where Iwas as I lay down on my bed and turned my favorite series the Simpsons. Then I fell in asleep in the middle of the episode.



7.5.15 11:05

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